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Unveiling Valuable Insight for Your Organization and Risk Landscape

Security Intelligence

With highly persistent adversaries within our increasingly connected technology landscape, breaches will succeed and skilled adversaries will bypass detection. The question then becomes “when” will an incident happen. As IT sophistication increases, specialized security analysts can be difficult to hire, train and maintain leaving your program with gaps.

Integrating a security intelligence program is necessary in order to successfully defend your enterprise. Security intelligence can provide the insight you require to understand your adversaries and your threat environement. You can take advantage of this knowledge to proactively develop your defenses, whether you are concerned about being compliant, internal and external threat management, or early breach detection. Security intelligence is an important component of a modern enterprise security program, incorporating internal and external data, fortifying situational awareness and focusing} detection response efforts to support substantive recovery.


Most companies estimate they're analyzing a mere 12 percent of the data they have*


With more information stored in more places, the need for cyber security professionals has increased 162 percent year-over-year**


The data volume in the enterprise is going to grow 50 times over the next five years, with 85 percent coming from net new sources***

*Source: Dice

**Source: Forrester

***Source: Hadoop Summit

Business Goal Alignment

In order for an organization to benefit from its operations, a security intelligence strategy must establish program objectives, operational features, align to the business and execute throughout silos. Our experts assist clients in overcoming these obstacles.

Technology Selection

With numerous options to choose from, it can be difficult to obtain technology that supports your program objectives, harmonizes throughout a variety of technology platforms and takes advantage of niche technologies. Our professional team can assist in assessing options.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

The inclusion of cyber threat intelligence into your security operations, can reduce the time to detection of related threats and respond more effectively. Our specialists supply you with a plan for maturing your cyber threat intelligence program.

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