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Moving To a More Flexible, More Safe Way of Conducting Business

Internet of Things

Our remarkably connected world has afforded us greater efficiencies, better-run products and new possibilities for business. Actions informed by predictive analytics and data from a myriad of sources contribute to highly sophisticated systems capable of performing wonderfully without needing human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This is the assurance of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, as with any security breakthrough, IoT presents unique challenges to solve. Benefiting from the opportunities of IoT means transforming the way you do business.

Businesses are significantly afflicted by the challenge associated with securing devices and safeguarding critical assets. Devices and automated processes laden with sensors, prevalent with opportunities for an attacker aiming to exploit low-level vulnerabilities and insecure code. Understanding key exploits and new vulnerabilities must be a vital part of your security effort. Actively evaluating these risks will inform your threat assessments, patch management strategy, incident response, security analytics and situational awareness. Partnering with the right experts makes a significant difference.

At Trovisto, we possess the knowledge and experience to assist you in benefiting from the promise of the future while keeping your systems secure. Whether you require guidance with developing an SLDC program, assessing the security of embedded devices, unveiling vulnerabilities, or evaluating your security through an attack and penetration test, we are able to help you with your existing security concerns and assist in future-proof your efforts so that you can be prepared for anything that follows.


Percentage of incidents that involve harvesting credentials stolen from customer devices*


Percentage of malware samples unique to an organization*


Percentage of malware types present in the enterprise for less than a month*

*Source: Verizon

System Security

Countless connected devices create countless potential access points for attackers. We manage security in a tremendously connected world.

Secure Access

Limiting access to information is one tactic to enhancing security. Organizations are pushed to produce the right access to all users every time. At Trovisto, we can help any organization overcome this challenge.

Embedded Security

By means of research and testing, we have helped numerous organizations strengthen their embedded device security and enhanced their software development processes.

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