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Living in an incredibly connected world makes the matter of identity important more now than ever. The rising use of cloud and mobile devices, as well as the consumerization of information technology (IT) increases the risk of a cyber security attack leading to significant financial and reputational damage. How will you ensure that only authorized personnel, partners and customers are able to faultlessly access the correct applications using trusted devices?

An identity and access management (IAM) plan, in its maturity, can provide your user community secure access to critical applications and data while staying on track with the organization all while remaining compliant. It is important to know where you are going, but reaching your destination calls for expert resources and a programmatic approach.

We pride ourselves in being able to assist clients in every level of their IAM journey, whether they are merely getting started or implementing a robust built-in technique that aligns people, process and technology. We use a blend of workshops and assessments, implementation and integration services, and program governance to guide you in implementing a strategic IAM program. Our team of experts can help you boost your efforts from the project to program level and when you’re prepared to take the next step, we will move your program to the next generation of IAM, enabling intelligence-based, risk-based, agile decision making in all aspects of cyber security.


Percentage of internal data breaches caused by privilege abuse – where internal actors misuse their level of granted access*


Percentage of users not confident their organization has enterprise-wide visibility to determine if privileged users are compliant with policies**


Percentage of organizations that believe implementing identity and access management is too difficult**

*Source: Verizon

**Source: Ponemon Institute

Data Security

By controlling your identity lifecycle with automation, you can become more versatile as you enforce access, permissions and policies. We are able to help you enhance the way you organization manages these sophisticated problems with increased proficiency.

Secure Cloud Access

Controlling access to information is important in discovering the benefits of data in the cloud. By extending your policies and controls, you can securely make use of cloud services as part of a well-rounded IT strategy. Addressing and combining existing systems with cloud provider technology can be challenging – we can help.

Vulnerabiltiy Management

By exposing security risks and compliance infractions in real time, you can uncover and tackle internal issues before they become a public problem. We can help your organization by assisting with these challenges.

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