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Developing Effective Security Architectures To Enhance Company-Wide Security Programs

Enterprise Security Architecture

Each component in your business is essential in securing your enterprise infrastructure. People, process and technology must work collectively to increase effectiveness in relation to the protection of your data and assets. Achieving this goal, requires that your enterprise architecture be aligned with your business requirements to ensure that decisions and enforcement are consistent within your IT ecosystem.

Optimizing cost and tackling risk can be a complicated challenge. Attaining harmony within the marvels of your enterprise infrastructure means deliberate planning and expecting new requirements, needs or changes down the road. Security is a mission. You may occasionally need a guide.

At Trovisto, we turn your organization and security vision into effective enterprise transformation. We enable businesses by preparing and supporting organized, synchronized activity to secure resources, enhance the uninterrupted flow of information, and ensure continuity with change. By building, connecting and optimizing your key security specifications, rules and working models, we help you evolve your organization and obtain an improved future state.


Number of connected devices in use in 2015*


Percentage of organizations that lack the security personnel to adequately staff their departments**


Points of data ready to overwhelm enterprise systems***

*Source: Gartner

**Source: Ponemon institute

***Source: ZDNet

Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

Responding to the newest era of connected devices within the your organization takes skill and knowledge. We can assist you in accomplishing your objectives.

IT Staffing

With the current state of cyber security, you require prompt access to a broad variety of experts. Our dedicated security team at Trovisto can get you the right expertise to find a resolution to your security obstacles.

Business Continuity

Enterprise-class systems need to maintain a high level of availabiltiy. Our enterprise architecture team can help you design your systems with durability, recovery and contingency consideration at heart.

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