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Employing Risk & Compliance Strategies to Achieve Fortitude and Security Within Your Organization

Cloud Security

As organizations pursue scalability, versatility and efficiency within their technology stack, cloud platforms become incredibly appealing. For many businesses, the method for information technology is to primarily adopt cloud-based services then alternatively search for on -site implementation if cloud solutions do not satisfy business requirements. While in certain cases a cloud service might be more secure in comparison to a similar service hosted in-house, this is not an expectation that can be widely exercised.

It is vital for information security experts to be familiar with cloud computing, the distinct variations and related risks. In addition, information security professionals have to develop methods that enhances the business’ consumption of vital cloud services while implementing the necessary security measures and balancing the risks versus rewards of cloud computing.


Average number of cloud applications a typical enterprise has in use*


Percentage of applications considered “not enterprise ready”*


Percentage of enterprise sanctioned cloud apps laced with malware*

*Source: Netskope

Cloud Strategy

It is advisable to plan and develop an extensive cloud strategy that extends across your people, operations and technology. We can make it easier to control the shift to the cloud.

Third-Party Risk

Businesses transferring essential operations to third-parties must balance associated risks and reward. We make it easier to understand and also manage your third-party risks.


Handling data – as well as operations within the cloud – modifies the way you conduct business, but you continue to require a field of vision to control risks. Our cloud specialists will help you see through the fog and understand your current exposure.

Identity & Access

To protect organizations, identity and access controls must be extended to the cloud. We help you plan, implement and manage access to your assets.

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