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Experts in Application Testing and Tactical Security Direction

As an appealing target for attackers, software vulnerabilities have grown to be one of the leading information security challenges that organizations are confronted with. In order to remain on top of the risks linked to the application layer, you must control and manage the maintenance of every application deployed.

Trovisto can help safeguard your essential enterprise applications from internal and external threats. Our experts can significantly improve your organizations measurement capabilities of the security associated with pre-existing applications – we can as well design, develop, test and maintain the security of applications in every stage of their development lifecycle. By employing a blend of methods – testing of applications, architecture and design reviews, source code and the implementation of security controls through the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes – we can help you achieve and sustain software optimization.

We improve SDLC effectiveness by means of utilizing best practices based on our team’s experience with leading organizations.

Assurance in testing furnished by an exceptional team of domain experts

Carefully crafted results easily digested by development teams

Obtain comprehensive and thorough findings without false positives

Thorough results with proof of concept and complete reproduction data

Trovisto Security


Our team will test your code and provide substantive results that can be readily expended and applied by your development team.


In contrast to automatic scanning tools, we provide your organization with completely verified test results without false positives.


Our SDLC team can educate your team in developing more secure programs and decrease errors that induce vulnerabilities.

Our Services

Our team can assist you in examining applications for known and unknown risks, defects, and weaknesses. Additionally, we can assist with tracking down flaws in software to enhance security. Following the examination your team will receive a deliverable detailing vulnerabilities and proactive recommendations.

  • Web Application Assessments
  • Mobile Application Assessments
  • API Assessments
  • Thick Client Assessments

Make it possible for your organization to make remarkable advancements in code swiftly and effectively. Trovisto can develop a program to satisfy your unique SDLC requirements.

  • SDLC Review
  • SDLC Implementation
Role Assessment Trovisto Security

Threat modeling can uncover and deal with the key threats that have the highest likelihood to adversely impact your application.

  • Threat Modeling

Significantly enhance software security and decrease development enigma and costs by performing frequent reviews of an applications design and architecture.

  • Analyze security requirements and risk against application components

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