Attack and Penetration Testing

Decrease Your Attack Surface and Increase Security By Unveiling and Remediating Your Weaknesses

Fully developed, proactive approaches to safeguarding enterprise assets, uncovers weaknesses within systems and pinpoints pathways vulnerable to exploitation – before a malicious actor is able to. Trovisto supports organizations in uncovering concealed vulnerabilities in their people, process, and technology. Our methodologies provide useful and practical steps to improve the safeguarding your systems.

Our team will reveal vulnerabilities and emphasize steps that produce well-informed decisions to decrease risk across your organization. Additionally, we help clients with accomplishing or sustaining compliance by meeting testing requirements within standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). No matter what kind of services you require whether it be white, grey, or black box services, we can help you. The idea of an attack event can be overwhelming. We help alleviate those worries.

Discern weakness within your technologies, processes and people

Minimize risk and conform to compliance requirements

Reduce the attack surface and remediate vulnerabilities

Discover Trovisto Securities Attack and Penetration Testing


We assist in revealing significant exploitable weaknesses and supply in-depth guidance for remediation by mimicing the attacker.

Data Trovisto Security


We expose access points to your essential systems and assist you in shutting down paths of attack so you can get back to what matters most.


The disciplined approach that our team employs will help you tackle vulnerabilities and leave you with a reduced attack surface.

Our Services

Identify, measure and categorize vulnerabilities within your systems. We make use of highly effective technical and nontechnical tools to discover weaknesses, examine their severity, and advise on methods for mitigation.

Vulnerability Discovery

  • Public Information Profile Detection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Rapid Response Zero Day Vulnerability Detection

Assess your organization’s security effort at a technical and program level. We analyze and evaluate numerous controls, technologies, and procedures to determine points of failure.

Security Controls Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Voice Over IP Assessment
  • War Dialing Assessment
IT in Mergers and Acquisitions Trovisto Security

Fully understand, measure, and document the real risk of an attack scenario. We perform penetration testing on a vast array of systems from numerous points of views to assist you in understanding your risk in its entirety.

Risk Validation

  • Targeted Penetration Test
  • Comprehensive Penetration Test
  • Physical Security Penetration Test
  • Product Penetration Test
Discovery and Categorization Trovisto Security

Our team simulates an attacker’s actions and uses a distraction while determining areas of weakness, in order to exploit your critical systems, extract and move data, and kick-off a sequence of events that imitate an authentic breach.

Breach Simulation

  • Remote Breach Simulation
  • On-Site Breach Simulation

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