Applied Research

A Quest For Security

Trovisto’s researchers can assist in securing financial, retail, healthcare, technology, and government assets in any form. Expertise coupled with accountability has afforded us the ability to build a strong culture enveloped in integrity and foremost methods that will provide you with reliable resources and strategies in order to make informed decisions.

We bring in expertise that embodies the entire array of security, we are constantly pushing the limits when it comes to complexities and emerging challenges in the security industry. Included in Trovisto’s dynamic way of addressing enterprise security requirements, we focus on bespoke projects and research built to resolve your most challenging and specific obstacles.

Use of some of the highest regarded security practitioners and scientists from around the world

Know-how to resolve your most challenging and specific challenges

Distinct vantage points on security obstacles unparalleled in the industry

Trovisto Technologies Third-Party Risk Management


Trovisto works with top security researchers and scientists from around the world to deliver unmatched intelligence.

Knowledge Trovisto Security


Our experts concentrate on hands-on, enterprise-class security challenges and possess an unparalleled foundation of security expertise.

Ability Trovisto Security


Commitment to the craft and your mission, resilience and a solid knowledge base offers us an unmatched ability to solve intricate security challenges.

Our Services

Applied Research Trovisto Security

Trovisto can research security challenges and develop solutions for hardware, software, devices and third-party products.

  • Hardware or Software Product Security Research
  • Third-Party Product Security Research
  • Hardware Device Security Research
Execute Code Trovisto Security

We can assist you with your software reverse engineering needs as well as targeted vulnerability research.

  • Software Reverse Engineering
  • Targeted Vulnerability Research
Cryptography Trovisto Security

We can provide you with practical cryptographic techniques to advance the security and privacy of data.

  • Applied Cryptography
Trovisto Security Source Code

We can help identify issues and improve the performance of your code through the use of custom techniques for testing and assessment.

  • Unmanaged Source Code
  • Audit Tool
  • Development Fault Injection Testing
  • Development and Instrumentation
  • Product/System Design Review

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