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Resolving Your Unique Cyber Security Challenges by Contributing Applicable Expertise

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Organizations are progressively more informed that the efficacy of reactive security measures and strategies has decreased in its ability to minimize damage from an attack. This comes with the fact that adversaries are persistent in their approach and are consistently employing innovative attack methods. Top businesses proceed in undertaking proactive techniques of unveiling and handling security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Trovisto can help you transition from a reactionary tactic to implementing a proactive threat and vulnerability management strategy.

We use a disciplined systematic and well formulated process to unveil and remediate threats and vulnerabilities affording you the ability to fully grasp and correct the fundamental cause of your weaknesses. Partnering with Trovisto can help you accomplish your objectives without the weight of sustaining this expertise on your own.

Our Expertise

Our information security research group can extend answers and solutions to your most distressing security obstacles. Our skilled team of specialists implements a multi-dimensional threat and vulnerability method with a high level of competence throughout a full foundational spectrum of attacks. Our team can:

Uncover vulnerabilities and deficiencies across all types of devices

Test components in their entirety from a program code to sizeable distributed systems

Access custom code evaluation and reverse software engineering

Determine the plausibility of possible attack vectors

Provide evidence to support budget requests for security programs or investment

Quantify the operational impact and enterprise risks resulting from successful attacks.

Evaluate the combination of system flaws and human-based components in identifying and quantifying risk

Build comprehensive controls and solutions for security flaws

Design secure development lifecycle (SDLC) programs and processes.

Articulate risks associated with high-business impact vulnerabilities and high-likelihood threats.

Expose higher-risk vulnerabilities caused by exploitation of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a distinct sequence.

Attack & Penetration Testing

Our team can support you in determining the efficacy of pre-existing security controls when expected to deter and protect against a skilled and persistent attacker.

Applied Practical Research

Our research team of security experts and practitioners create ground-breaking solutions that uncover and eliminate threats.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our team engages with your key stakeholders to build or develop your organization’s threat intelligence program.

Software Security & Threat Modeling

Our software security group supports your organization in successfully designing, building and testing secure, resilient and compliant software.

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