Workshops and Assessments

Applying A Well Suited Baseline To Your Identity and Access Management Strategy

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is among the most zealous enterprise solutions an IT organization will implement and significantly influences productivity, customer loyalty, and most notably the security of your organization. IAM is primarily an organizational, process, and cultural demand and thereafter it is a technology challenge. Do you have the capabilities, resources expertise to undertake IAM on your own?

Whether you require the support to kick-off or want us to assess your pre-existing program, we will put you on the right direction to a strategic IAM program. In parallel with your IAM initiatives, we support you through workshops and assessments never losing sight of the business’ needs and we provide you with a blueprint that minimizes implementation risk.

Evaluate IAM program readiness based on industry best practices and chart a course for evolution

Technical requirements and implementation plans in concert with organizational needs and business priorities

Harness organizational accord by sharing premise and vision for an IAM program

Heighten your IAM program to strategic significance throughout your security organization

Our Services

One to two-day working session that presents a synopsis of IAM and associated trends and vendors, coupled with evaluating your present state and readiness level. At the completion of the workshop, we will have uncovered key stakeholders, business drivers, strategic goals, recommendations, and following steps.

  • Workshop

All-encompassing tactical or enterprise evaluation and discovery to understand existing state-related particulars and complexities. At the completion of the assessment, we will have documented thorough use cases and specifications, recommendations for short-term and strategic blueprints, as influenced by your unique needs.

  • Assessment
Role Assessment Trovisto Security

Stimulates insight and awareness into users’ access to the organization. At the completion of this assessment, we will have determined existing access profiles and patterns, and developed base role models that will establish the precedent for IAM automation.

  • Role Assessment

In depth evaluation of identity data, minimizing the risk of unsuccessful audits and thorough analysis of identity data, decreasing the risk of unsuccessful audits in addition to strengthening the achievements of IAM deployments. At the completion of this assessment and evaluation, we will have recognized patterns and dirty data, and make recommendations for remediation prior to shifting to IAM solution implementation.

  • Data Compliance and Identity Management Readiness Assessment

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