Incident Response and Recovery

Professional Support When You Need It Most

Incidents and compromises can produce significant challenges for your staff who may not possess the distinct skills to evaluate and restore control following an attack. We help you respond and recover with informed directives, support, and direct application of expertise.

We assist our clients in identifying and responding to an assortment of cyber security incidents and events. Our services include safe-guarding the affected area, determining the extent of the compromise, gathering and examining data associated with the event and delivering a report documenting the findings.

If you believe an incident has transpired, we can help you:

Unveil the attackers’ actions

Determine actions necessary to clear active binaries and malware

Safeguard your enterprise

Investigate and report on the scope of the compromise

Reduce data loss


Our malware and incident response specialists help you with the obstacles you are confronted with and advise on steps to help you recover.

Trovisto Security


Eliminate viruses and malware that threatens your business in order to restore confidence, compliance and operational excellence.

Trovisto Security


Our dedicated method helps you identify challenges and uncover opportunities to enhance your business processes and security techniques.

Our Services

Trovisto Security Source Code

Suspicious problem or challenge? We can evaluate your systems, prevent persistent targeted attacks and curb losses from malware or a breach.

  • Incident Discovery
Trovisto Security Incident Response

Using a blend of proactive measures and access assurance, we help our clients overcome the obstacles of a breach.

  • Rapid Incident Response Program

We offer tailored services too pre-existing and new clients with the desire to tackle incidents and system vulnerabilities.

  • Incident Response Advising
  • Incident Response Consulting

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