Forensic Analysis

Analyze the Event. Record the Actions Taken. Preserve the Data.

During a crisis, things happen quickly. Protecting crucial evidence is oftentimes neglected until it is too late. Harvesting forensic information is vital in identifying the magnitude and probable source of an attack.

Understand the aim for and extent of the event

Reduce over-reporting a data loss or disclosure

Establish the who, what, where, why, and how long of an incident

Trovisto Security


The Trovisto team will swiftly analyze your systems and malware to establish if a compromise has materialized and recommend prompt actions to secure your enterprise.

Trovisto Security


Security teams frequently lack the skills to conserve digital evidence and pointers of compromise. We are able to help you capture and preserve the data that you require.

Trovisto Security


Movement in the wrong direction can decimate crucial evidence and data from your systems. Our team has helped numerous organizations safeguard the information they require to take action.

Our Services

Trovisto Security

By using manual and automated tools, our team will evaluate the culpable code on your systems to establish the origin of the malware, the techniques used to attack your systems and the objective of the attacker. This evaluation also helps with effective and ultimate elimination of malware from your IT infrastructure.

  • Malware Reverse Engineering
Trovisto Security

Our breach and compromise team has the forensic analysis and data capture expertise you need to keep your enterprise secure.

  • Forensic Analysis and Data Capture

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