Compromise Assessment

Experts in Incident Response and Investigations

The Trovisto team has conducted many incident response assessments and investigations for a wide array of businesses spanning across many industries. Our security and malware specialists will analyze your systems to identify if a compromise has taken place. By having an understanding of regulations and data disclosure requirements, we curb your organizational and reputational risk by assisting you in conforming to the laws.

We investigate the occurrence, uncover areas of compromise and provide specifics of the event. We are able to remove malware from your environment and provide guidance on subsequent actions.

Evaluation of pre-existing systems for evidence of compromise

Examination of your access points, vulnerabilities and data stores

Comprehensive assessment guided by repository of malicious code, signatures and attacks

Proficient and dedicated team at your side

Trovisto Security


Our experts will inspect your enterprise systems for indications of a compromise and reveal the spectrum of related event activity.

Trovisto Security


Trovisto’s dedicated specialists will advise you of any measures necessary to manage your exposure, damage, and potential liability.

Trovisto Security


Our malware and persistent attack team will gather evidence, identify a time frame, activity points and eliminate malware and the culpable code.

Our Services

Trovisto Security

Evaluation of your IT infrastructure for indications of an active breach or malicious tolls that could jeopardize your systems. This evaluation consists of manual detection approaches as well as automated discovery tools.

  • Incident Discovery
Trovisto Security

Trovisto can blueprint your malware detection system and develop a bespoke malware program to match your security demands.

  • Malware Remediation

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