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Moving Clients From Crisis To Continuity In the Face of an Incident

Enterprise Incident Management

Organizations need security strategies and programs that are closely aligned with business goals. As a security professional, you are expected to understand the business needs and leverage your security program to increase operational efficiency, protect users and information, maximize return on technology investment and contain costs.

Trovisto helps you stay ahead of current threats and risks and make the right technology investments to support your business. Our security experts provide clarity around security strategy and policy design. We partner with your organization to chart a course to not only protect and secure your environment, but to also support day-to-day business and revenue goals, and account for future growth.

Our Expertise

We can deliver a wide range of capabilities – from security program development, to regulatory and standards compliance, to security education and training. We can help you:

Ensure your risk strategy aligns with the performance of your business.

Achieve greater agility through the optimization of your compliance efforts.

Assess methodologies and recommend improvement or suggest strategies to transfer risk.

Evaluate the efficacy of your current efforts and controls and make recommendations for improvement.

Organize, trace and treat gaps and threats in your current approach.

Reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of your governance, risk, and compliance methods.

Adapt our risk evaluation method to your organization’s culture and appetite for risk.

Design, implement, and asses risk management capabilities across a catalogue of strategic, operational, financial, and compliance considerations.

Cyber Defense Development

Our methods helps you evaluate current practicies, identify needs and gaps and map your security goals to your business objectives.

Incident Response and Recovery

Our experts assist with PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and NIST requirements, among others. We will work with you to establish and optimize your compliance program.

Compromise Assessment

We can implement GRC technology to provide your organization with critical information to support decision making and compliance.

Forensic Analysis

We can help you effectively plan, develop and manage your third-party risk program by empowering your organization with the proper people, process and technology.

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