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Improving Security by Adapting Human Behaviors to Reduce Risk

Education & Awareness

The current state of security and publicly disclosed incidents emphasize the need for security awareness and training. In an increasingly complex environment, employees are often confronted with well thought out and persistent attacks uncovering the possibility for users to be the weakest link within the security chain. By training technical and non-technical users, you can support and protect your organization from attack.

We provide cyber security training services that will address the technical and human components of your organization to ensure you are running in a secure environment. Our courses can help fulfill compliance requirements, reduce risks, increase data security, control vendor technologies, and integrate foremost industry practices.

Our Expertise

Trovisto offers a comprehensive portfolio of courses covering an array of awareness of subject matter. Our curators and subject matter experts are able to provide bespoke courses by creating content that is best suited to your organization’s program, policies, standards, and business requirements.

We offer education and awareness services that can help you:

Educate your workforce on how to protect data and safeguard company assets.

Decrease training and awareness expenses as you streamline delivery

Enhance the technical expertise of your staff

Train users to recognize and avoid risks

Improve the overall performance of training employees

Track, record, and report on the impact of your program

Help with compliance and regulatory requirements

Security Awareness Training

Our cyber security team provides training, testing, and support to ensure your employees can easily recognize and steer clear of attacks.

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